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ASK A COP — Is it illegal to make a citizen’s arrest?

Alice from Port Arthur asks: My husband and I started discussing citizen’s arrests. Neither of us could factually give details about what entails a citizen ... Read more

1 day ago by PA News.

STEPHEN HEMELT — New fast food development working to make Nederland appearance

No one was checking into Villa Motel during its final months on Nederland Avenue, but hungry motorists might be checking out what comes next to ... Read more

4 days ago by Stephen Hemelt.

JODY HOLTON — See how maintaining proper fluid levels help this summer

Just like your vehicle, your body needs the proper fluid levels to operate. Did you know the human body is more than 60 percent water, ... Read more

4 days ago by Jody Holton.

KATHIE’S KORNER — Connect the Dots with God’s help

Connecting the dots is part of our journey in life. First of all, there should be NO GUILT attached to this writing, please. Picture your ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

MONIQUE BATSON — Community theater is back, and you should be taking advantage

While I’ve always been dramatic, I never considered myself theatrical. I can sing just about any classic Broadway song (and Christmas carol) due to years ... Read more

5 days ago by Monique Batson.

TXDOT — Save a life by quitting texting and driving

In 2020, nearly 1 in 5 crashes in Texas involved driver distraction, resulting in 367 deaths and 2,205 serious injuries, statewide. A serious or fatal crash can ... Read more

5 days ago by PA News.

MARY MEAUX — Could apartment management be responsible for violent crimes?

Should an apartment complex be held accountable for violent crimes committed on the property? In May, a Houston area family opted to sue their apartment ... Read more

6 days ago by Mary Meaux.

BOB WEST ON GOLF — Burke looks to make more area history in Texas Amateur

With his star-spangled high school career now in the rear-view mirror, Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Jack Burke headed west on Tuesday to prepare for his most prestigious ... Read more

7 days ago by Bob West.

CHRIS MOORE — Tropical disturbance reminds us to be prepared

June 1 marked the beginning of hurricane season and like clockwork a tropical disturbance formed in the Gulf of Mexico. As of Tuesday morning, the ... Read more

7 days ago by Chris Moore.


If I wake up pre dawn and decide it’s time to organize tote bags, it’s nobody’s business but my own. Is it excessive to be ... Read more

1 week ago by Darragh Doiron.

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