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ASK A COP — Is a driver’s license legally required in Texas?

Rob from Port Arthur asks: I’ve been doing research on driver’s licenses in the United States of America and believe I found out that I don’t ... Read more

18 hours ago by PA News.

City of Beaumont: Jefferson County charges Mid County cities less for prisoners

Jefferson County sued the City of Beaumont in May of 2016 related to the cost of housing prisoners. There is a pending case that is ... Read more

1 day ago by PA News.

CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — All the olive and plenty to love

Awesome oil and smooth soap are just two specialties of TRE Olive, products, connected to the Calabria region of Southern Italy. Three (TRE) cousins started TRE ... Read more

1 day ago by Darragh Doiron.

DR. BOBBY LOPEZ — Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Building tomorrow’s leaders today is what we strive to do at the Bob Hope School. In previous articles, I have mentioned that our goal is ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.


I wanted to share one of the activities I enjoy during this time of quarantine and everyday, in my normal circumstances (when I take a ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

JODY HOLTON — The Hip Bone is Connected to the Thigh Bone, Let’s Talk About Bone Health

As we achieve “senior status” in life … just one of the many changes in our bodies is bone loss, known as osteopenia and osteoporosis. ... Read more

4 days ago by Chris Moore.

MONIQUE BATSON — Madness was fun as a student, but there’s nothing like watching it through your kids

I “crossed the tracks” just a few years after graduating from high school. Or, more-accurately, I went back home. But for one week every year, ... Read more

5 days ago by Chris Moore.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Port Arthur should become a “Bird city”

Dear Editor,   Birds, Birds, Birds! More than 20 million Americans take birding-specific trips per year, and Port Arthur is a birder’s (birdwatcher’s) paradise. Situated ... Read more

5 days ago by PA News.

CHRIS MOORE — 3 PNG quarterbacks find home on college football stage

Three former Port Neches-Groves quarterbacks took the field for their respective college programs over the weekend. Many already know about the Texas and Texas A&M ... Read more

7 days ago by Chris Moore.

BOB WEST ON GOLF — Golf spotlight shines on USA’s Ryder Cup challenge

Every red-blooded American golfer who loves to chant or hear “USA, USA” figures to be planted in front of the television or roaming the grounds ... Read more

7 days ago by Bob West.

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