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BRAD ROBICHAUX — Something needs to be done; more interactions needed

Yet another black American is dead at the hands of police. George Floyd’s death, videoed and viewed across the country, is grisly, scary, frustrating and ... Read more

13 hours ago by Brad Robichaux.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Community prayer calls us together in our diversity

Dear editor My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, “I can’t breathe!” These were the dying words of George Floyd, a black man, as he was ... Read more

13 hours ago by PA News.

ASK A COP: Police Chief prays for healing for Mr. Floyd’s family

From the desk of Chief of Police Tim Duriso: It saddens me to have to write this message because of the tragic event that led ... Read more

13 hours ago by PA News.

KWON BILL — What will it take for there to be a change?

At the current moment, there’s a nationwide protest for George Floyd, a man who was murdered with a knee to the neck by Derek Chauvin. ... Read more

13 hours ago by PA News.

STEPHEN HEMELT — Perspective is key to understanding in wake of George Floyd’s death

My wife, Candace, and I have engaged in numerous dinnertime conversations this week with our children about the tragic and wrongful death of George Floyd, ... Read more

2 days ago by Stephen Hemelt.

OUT IN THE YARD — Hydrangeas are old-time favorites in Southern gardens

Have you noticed the beautiful pink and blue hydrangea blooms in your neighborhood? Probably not, since most landscapers do not plant these old Southern garden ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

KATHIE’S KORNER — Arm yourself with the Bible, the sword for life

When I got back on track with God, I began to pray and study His Word, therefore, using a very powerful sword (the Bible) in ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

I.C. MURRELL — Dear class of 2020 … always seek truth

To our local high school, junior college, college and higher education graduates:   I hope you understand by now that one day real soon, you ... Read more

5 days ago by I.C. Murrell.

MOVIE GUY — Music and romance hit the High Note

If there’s a silver lining to the current state of the movie biz, it’s that Hollywood’s blockbuster-only mindset has evaporated, allowing mid-range films to make ... Read more

5 days ago by Sean McBride.

HEALTHY LIVING — Stay safe around water this summer

Here in southeast Texas, we are fortunate to be surrounded by water: lakes, ponds, rivers, bayous, beaches and, of course, pools. When the weather turns ... Read more

5 days ago by Jody Holton.

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