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STEPHEN HEMELT — Families, graduates, artists & entrepreneurs shine in Greater Port Arthur The Magazine

It was a random moment when seemingly through the thousands of Facebook posts that show up randomly that one caught my attention. It came from ... Read more

1 day ago by Stephen Hemelt.

KATHIE’S KORNER — Praying the Scriptures is great, helpful way to start your day

In one of my research papers on “Prayer” that I wrote for my Masters in Theology, I elaborated on the various kinds of prayer. It ... Read more

1 day ago by PA News.

JODY HOLTON — Keeping it moving after 60, adapt, improvise and overcome

I get inspiration for my columns everywhere. Mainly standing in line waiting to pay for something, clothing, food, flowers. Keep your head down, your ears ... Read more

2 days ago by Jody Holton.

LETTER TO EDITOR — “All Expenses Paid” tells story of infantrymen in South Vietnam

Dear editor,   Since we are experiencing a lockdown, and everybody is spending free time eating and sleeping, why not spend that time reading a ... Read more

2 days ago by PA News.

COLEITH MOLSTAD — Boost small town economic recovery by investing in cultural tourism

The year 2020 and the impact of a global health crisis have disrupted lives and communities across Texas in nearly every way: emotionally, financially, mentally ... Read more

3 days ago by PA News.

CHRIS MOORE — Smith, Beiniemy show how NFL climbs are not all equal

The Monday after the close of the National Football League’s regular season is known as Black Monday, due to the amount of coaches and coaching ... Read more

4 days ago by Chris Moore.

BOB WEST ON GOLF — Landry set to hear magical words ‘Defending Champion’

Sometime Thursday in La Quinta, California, the announcer on No. 1 will say, “On the tee from Austin, Texas, the defending champion of the American ... Read more

4 days ago by Bob West.

ROSS RAMSEY — Is the Texas Capitol a government building or a petri dish?

The Texas Capitol, where lawmakers gather every two years to pass laws, write budgets and argue politics, has a new function in 2021: It’s the ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

BRIAN JOHNSON ON OUTDOORS — Cold weather still provides plenty of opportunities

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and the colder weather has arrived. Many outdoor men use this time of year to catch up ... Read more

4 days ago by PA News.

CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — January is Soup Month. Can that mean gumbo for SETX?

My family thinks I don’t like soup. It’s because I told them I don’t like soup and have avoided certain soups from them. But I ... Read more

5 days ago by Darragh Doiron.

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